Who is Gene Michael Stover?

Gene Michael Stover

updated Saturday, 2007 August 24

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1 About Me

I'm a computer programmer, a writer, & an atheist. I don't celebrate Christmas or Easter. I used to think the pope was evil; now I think he's just a fool. I live in an apartment in Washington state in the United States.

In 2000, I drastically reduced the amount of music I buy. I used to buy at least one CD every month. Since 2000, I've bought about half a dozen CDs in all. And No, I don't download music; I haven't pirated any music. (Until 2006, I had never ripped a CD at all.)

I stopped watching television in 2001. Since December 2001, I watched about 12 hours of TV, all at friends's houses because that's what they were doing when I was there.


Things I like include: cats, tea, poetry, Melissa, tragedy, nice people, good time with good friends, video games, & cooking.

I have a list of favorite things on my web site.

3 Dislikes

Things I dislike include: strawberries, Italian pasta, movies containing car chases, advertising, rude people, loud people, critical people, fundamentalist Christians, & people who believe capitalism can do no wrong.

4 Contacting Me

You can send me e-mail at:

note user hostname
best gene acm.org
if best doesn't work gstover speakeasy.net

Do not send unsolicited commercial e-mail (also called ``spam''), death threats, or insults to my geneology to that address.

My Gnu Privacy Guard (PGP) public key is at gpg.txt, though I don't often sign my e-mail any more.

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