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2013-02-172013-02-18Gene Michael StoverHas the American empire already ended?
2004-04-062013-02-10Gene Michael StoverTales from the Programming Trenches
1995-01-102013-02-09Gene Michael StoverGene's petroleum usage records
2012-12-192013-02-07Gene Michael StoverThings I plan TODO here
2011-11-282013-02-07Gene Michael StoverNotes about the Iranian nuclear political issue
2013-01-272013-02-03Gene Michael StoverBetter ways to hyperlink
2013-01-272013-02-03Gene Michael StoverShould HTML be split into two protocols?
2011-11-282013-02-03Gene Michael StoverCSS files
2009-11-142013-01-29Gene Michael StoverThe purpose of the Quality Assurance Team in software development
2004-02-012013-01-20Gene Michael Stovertail-f.exe: Simple tail for Microsloth Windows
2013-01-142013-01-14Gene Michael StoverIs Iran the perpetrator of DDoS attacks on US banks?
2003-12-062013-01-11Gene Michael StoverIntroduction to Unix & SDF
2012-11-252013-01-10Gene Michael StoverBerzerker foreshadowing
2012-12-282012-12-29Gene Michael StoverHow to reduce the rate of gun violence in the USA
2012-12-212012-12-28Gene Michael StoverUSA's gun problem isn't a gun control problem
2011-01-172012-12-17Gene Michael StoverThere's no excuse for unemployment
2005-01-212012-11-24unknownConfessions of a UO Gold Farmer
2012-06-222012-06-22Gene Michael StoverHow I Started, Then Stopped, Using Hotmail (Hotmail Sucks)
2012-04-302012-04-30Gene Michael StoverA Quote About Iraq
2012-04-192012-04-19Gene Michael StoverQuestions About E-Books
2012-02-252012-02-25Gene Michael StoverWho Approves Of A Progressive Income Tax?
2012-02-132012-02-13Gene Michael StoverHow Much Would It Hurt To Balance The USA's Budget?
2012-02-082012-02-08Gene Michael StoverI'm No Longer Interested In Ada
2011-11-282011-11-28Gene Michael StoverReview of Siren
2011-08-272011-08-27Gene Michael StoverWhy Harvey Golub should pay his taxes
2007-09-092011-01-09Gene Michael StoverQuality assurance isn't a step in the development cycle
2002-08-202008-04-21Gene Michael StoverThe UID & EUID in CGI Programs
2003-01-112007-08-08Gene Michael StoverControversial Ideas about Programming
2006-09-132006-12-24Gene Michael StoverProgramming utilities for Microsoft Windows's event log
2006-06-262006-06-26gene m. stoverShould a build system allow multiple versions of the same component?
2004-08-032006-04-17Gene Michael StoverVigenere Cipher in Lisp
2005-11-272006-03-19Gene Michael StoverNotes about Purely Functional Data Structures
2005-05-292006-03-11Gene Michael StoverNotes about the video game Kuon
2006-03-012006-03-01Gene Michael StoverSelf-Printing Programs
2003-08-102005-12-05Gene Michael StoverGenerating HTML with Lisp: a tutorial for new programmers
2005-07-122005-11-25Gene Michael StoverNotes about Xenosaga
2002-12-012005-11-08Gene Michael StoverMy BibTeX Database
1987-10-152005-06-22Gene Michael StoverCliology
2005-05-052005-05-07Gene Michael StoverNotes about Nelson's File Structure for The Complex, The Changing, & The Indeterminate
2005-03-242005-03-27Gene Michael StoverTerminal Velocity in a Vacuum
2003-05-012004-12-31Gene Michael StoverWeb & Print Log 2003, 2004
2004-04-012004-10-17Jason H. StoverKWIC concordances, word senses and geometric sums of stationary random variables
2004-01-152004-03-17Gene Michael StoverNotes about Beyond Good & Evil
2004-02-112004-02-11Gene Michael StoverExperiment in Web Article Style
2002-06-012004-01-08Jason H. StoverA rate of convergence for a particular estimate of a noise-contaminated chaotic time series
2003-10-252003-10-30Gene Michael StoverHow Expensive is TCP's Keep-Alive Feature?
2003-10-052003-10-05Gene Michael StoverNotes about VBScript
2003-01-232003-08-19Gene Michael StoverReview of Wild Arms 3
2003-08-192003-08-19Gene Michael StoverGuidelines for Authors
2003-07-012003-07-02Stover & RepinAbout CyberTiggyr Team's Submission to ICFP's Annual Programming Contest (2003)
2003-05-112003-05-13Gene Michael StoverReview of Ratchet & Clank
2003-05-112003-05-11Gene Michael StoverWhat Happened to
2003-05-052003-05-06Gene Michael StoverConverting XML to Lisp via Perl
2003-04-202003-04-30Gene Michael StoverWhy You Should Use Garbage Collection in Your Program
2003-01-112003-03-23Gene Michael StoverAncient Undelete Programs
2002-10-242002-11-14Gene Michael StoverReview of Blood Rayne
2002-03-192002-10-14Gene Michael StoverCPIO How-To & Quick Start
2002-08-012002-09-16Darius BaconA Hacker's Introduction to Partial Evaluation
2002-08-312002-09-02Gene Michael StoverCopyright Quick-Start for Online Authors
2002-03-292002-08-31Gene Michael StoverAnd You Thought the Printing Press was Important
2002-04-282002-04-28Gene Michael StoverSimple Speed Test Between a Bunch of Languages
2002-04-092002-04-09Larry ClappLisp with Vim
2002-04-062002-04-06Tim MooreCLOSminded: Slot Accessor Names Matter
2002-01-272002-01-27Gene Michael StoverComparing Some IPC Methods on Unix
1997-01-011998-03-19VaX#n8The Source of All Tape Knowledge
1997-03-031997-03-03gene m. stoverDeath by Panang
1994-07-211996-08-31gene m. stoverGuide to Monterey for scuba Divers
1995-12-181995-12-18gene m. stoverEcstasy
1995-10-301995-10-30gene m. stoverDolphins
1993-12-291993-12-29Gene Michael StoverWhat I Did on My Christmas Vacation
1991-01-011991-01-01anonymousThe People With Holes In Their Heads
1987-01-011987-01-01Leon MyersonStar Trek Technology
1985-01-011985-01-01Tony KarpBabbage - The Language Of The Future
1900-01-011900-01-01Kramer & SprengerMalleus Maleficarum

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